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It's been a long while wince I've posted here, I got my fill of iPhonography. Please continue to enjoy my fotographic fun times over at Juxtapose.


purple feet covers

i purchased some new shoes, they are purple and the same model C1rcas as the red shoes that i have loved so dearly. i also bought these in black and white, like my mom always taught me, if you find something you love buy two of them. Well, mom, i bought four, because i like them so much!


planes and cups and things

these are just a couple i snapped several weeks ago while traveling to Mexico. i loved being in the air early enough to see the sun rise from the plane, so nice.


it was love at first sight

their first meeting, it was touching to see the way they bonded. they had been in our home for such a short time, and yet she knew they were hers. it was instinctual. i love her, and how nice that she has some new toys!


a very nice shape

was sitting with a seamstress when i snapped this fine foto. any guesses as to the object?